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Greetings from our family...

A recent field trip to the zoo--one of the benefits of homeschooling is the family trips we are able to take!

Dissecting with one of our favorite teachers: Mrs. Vick!!

Hello! My name is Mary McIntyre. Thank you for visiting my site. My family and I live in Georgia where my husband pastors a small church.
Prior to becoming a homeschooling mom, I taught in Christian high schools for ten years using primarily BJU Press materials. However, I have also used several other curricula, including Abeka, Saxon, and ACE, among others.

When it came time for our children to begin school, I chose BJU Press curriculum. However, by the end of the first year, in addition to teaching our oldest, I was also teaching four other children ranging from 2nd through 8th grade using whatever materials I could cobble together as cheaply as possible, while also trying to keep my second child, a pre-schooler, entertained and out of trouble! Needless to say, this was a challenging experience; yet, in many homeschooling families, a scenario not unlike this is played out year after year.

After that year, my husband and I made the decision to begin using the BJU Press Distance Learning program. We didn't
know if we'd be able to afford it, but we were convinced that it was the direction God wanted us to go with our homeschooling, so we stepped out in faith, trusting God to provide the finances. At that time the classes were delivered via satellite. Since then, the satellite has been discontinued and the name Distance Learning adopted for the program, but the quality materials and instruction by Godly, creative teachers remains intact.

Distance Learning has allowed me as a mom to spend more time supervising my youngest child (who also does her own Distance Learning class), give piano lessons to our boys, superintend their school work, and juggle countless other responsibilities that a wife and mother deals with daily. My children are receiving a quality education, and I can go to bed at night without worrying about lesson plans for the next day! We go on field trips when we like, take days off as needed, and take sickness in stride, knowing that our teachers will be there waiting for us the next time that we need
them. The video teachers are my able assistants in the job of homeschooling my children!

As a HomeWorks Consultant, I work with homeschooling families from various parts of the US, and even in other countries. I genuinely enjoy talking with other homeschool parents about the educational needs of their children. It is a bonus to be able to give a discount on all of the curriculum and resources that I sell!

Whether you are needing BJU Press curriculum only, BJU Press Distance Learning products, Logos Science kits, or any of the other products and services I represent, I am happy to talk with you about your needs and place your order in a timely fashion. Your orders help to make it possible for my family and me to continue serving in the church ministry where God has placed us, and your referrals to other homeschool families are also appreciated.

May God bless your continued homeschooling endeavors!